Surf Psyches in Clogs

Miners Of Muzo - Beauty Is Pain
Ripped from a vinyl album released on Eksakt Records (Eksakt 027) in 1986 to high resolution 24-bit flac audio. Something a bit unusual for the weekend, some Dutch psyche garage. Great sleeve too. Happy weekend everybody! Enjoy.

A1 Love Train
A2 Don't Make Me Bleed
A3 Dead Rose Cheeks
A4 Nightsinner
A5 20th Centure Nightmare
B1 Space Shuffle Boogie
B2 Vampire Tiger
B3 Hit & Run (Love Of Gun)
B4 Travellin' Light
B5 Blue Rinsed Mood
B6 Under The Arches
B7 Loose Up Gossamer Exit

From the cradle....

The Laughing Mothers - Tunnel b/w Cats Cradle
Ripped from a 7" vinyl single released on Motherkare Records (MUM 1) in 1985 to high resolution 24-bit flac audio. Corby goth-punks The Laughing Mothers only left is with one single, this excellent double A-side. The distortion at the beginning of Cats Cradle is on the record, either deliberate or a victim of a dodgy pressing. Pops and clicks are left in as nature intended. Enjoy!

A1 Tunnel
AA Cats Cradle

Domestic Goddesses

The Sinister Cleaners - Lemon Meringue Bedsit
Ripped from a 12" vinyl EP released on AAZ Records (AAZ 5) in 1986 to high resolution 24-bit flac audio. Out of Leeds came indie rollers The Sinister Cleaners, who I am sure were not that sinister but did sound a lot like locals The Three Johns. 

A1 Crazies # 3
A2 Crimpelene Jean Mama's Got The Blues Again
A3 1941
B1 Atlantic Satellite
B2 Crazies # 1
B3 When I Feel Strange


The Sisterhood - Gift
Originally released as a vinyl album on Merciful Release Records (SIS 020) in 1986. Recreated here from a 1989 compact disc in high quality lossless flac audio. Hell hath no fury than an Eldrich scorned apparently. Big girl's blouse Andy Eldrich threw his toys out of the pram when ex-mates Wayne and Craig left him all alone in the playground, and buggered off with other chums to form a new band. Andy had to go find some new friends of his own and make a record very quickly.  So the story goes...... 

A1 Jihad
A2 Colours
B1 Giving Ground
B2 Finland Red, Egypt White
B3 Rain From Heaven

Say That Again

The Danse Society - Say It Again
Ripped from a double 12" vinyl package released on Society Records (SOC 128) in 1985 to high resolution 24-bit flac audio. Staying in Yorkshire, here's the much requested pop dance single Say It Again, recorded at PWL ....!! Surely not? With thanks to Adam and penguinflight.

A1 Say It Again (Extended Danse Mix)
B1 Fade Away (She's In Your Dreams)
C1 Sensimilla
D1 Treat Me Right

Music To Yeah To

UV PØP - Bendy Baby Man
Ripped from a vinyl album released on Extra Records (EXTRA LP1) in 1986 to high resolution 24-bit flac audio. John White's UV POP project still record these days, however it will be for their two very different original albums and a couple of great singles they will be best remembered. The guitar pop of Bendy Baby Man differs greatly from the highly experimental No Songs Tomorrow and the two albums should be appreciated separately. I'll deal with the latter very soon. Enjoy.

A1 Music To Yeah To
A2 Don't Even Know Which Day It Is
A3 No Songs Tomorrow
A4 Feels Like Winter
A5 Turkey Bones
B1 Dots
B2 Serious
B3 Ghost In My House
B4 Astronaught
B5 Zuitar

Socialist Republic Of South Yorkshire

They Must Be Russians - They Must Be Russians
Ripped from a vinyl album released on First Floor Records (FF 2) in 1983 to high resolution 24-bit flac audio. One of the Sheffield's bands who showed greatest promise were They Must Be Russians. Your blogmeister was first introduced via the splendid Four From The Floor and Hicks From The Sticks compilations. These tracks were strong enough to get me to buy the 1983 single and album, however they didn't live up to what I had hoped. This, their debut album, has the feel of a band who didn't know if they wanted to be Devo or Shriekback ....and then got a little lost somewhere in between. The record isn't helped by a mediocre production quality and poorly mastered vinyl. I am not slamming the album, it just could have been better with a little more thought ....but hey, that's the spirit of indie music. If anybody can provide a nice lossless rip of their 1979 debut EP and the excellent Don't Try To Cure Yourself, then I for one would be very chuffed.

A1 Gramophone
A2 Glory Of God
A3 Press The Point
A4 Shifting My Gaze
A5 Love Is A Word
A6 If This Is Love
B1 Disco Rise
B2 All I'm Asking
B3 Space To Breathe
B4 Treasure House
B5 Test Of Time
B6 The One Answer

Hollow Hills

I'm So Hollow - Emotion/Sound/Motion
Ripped from a crackly vinyl album released on Illuminated Records (JAMS 5) in 1981 to high resolution 24-bit flac. Courtesy of Curious Guy comes the only album by Sheffield's I'm So Hollow. Not everybody in the steel-town were busy twiddling their knobs and loops in the quest for sonic industrial soundscapes or electronic synthetics, the Hollows stuck the basics of  post-punk however they turned the art of song structure on it's head with some quite unusual arrangements and just a little bit of electronic manipulation. No more so on the title track which harks back to more errrr... progressive influences. Great album and far too clever for the mainstream.

A1 Entrance
A2 Which Way..?
A3 Unbroken Line
A4 Touch
A5 Collisions
B1 Excitement = Change
B2 The Triangular Hour
B3 Emotion / Sound / Motion
B4 Nosferatu
B5 Distraction

Perfect Zebras

Perfect Zebras - Zebra
Ripped from a vinyl album released on Focus Records (FOLP 3) in 1983 to high resolution 24-bit flac audio. I have featured a 12" by these chaps before, however it was their second album, produced by former XTC and Shriekback nutcase Barry Andrews, which stands out. Their catchy mix of pop, funk and synth deserved a bigger audience, however a poor choice of band name and a garish sleeve would mean they never got out of the blocks, but they were miles better than Freur. Many would have enjoyed Submission

A1 Fascination
A2 Wah-Ho Bangoola
A3 What Dance Is This?
A4 Submission
B1 Let's Talk About Mystery
B2 Shallow
B3 What You Gonna Do
B4 Weekend
B5 Close To My Side

New Ages

New Age - Jane Fonda
Ripped from a 7" vinyl single released on Dining Out Records (TUX 14) in 1981 to high resolution 24-bit flac audio.

A1 Jane Fonda
B1 Radio Show

New Age - Livin For Now
Ripped from a 12" vinyl EP released on Dining Out Records (TUX 18) in 1982 to high resolution 24-bit flac audio. 

A1 Livin For Now
A2 Amazed
B1 All I Want
B2 First To Live First To Die

New Age - All The Monkeys Aren't In The Zoo, Marylou
Ripped from a vinyl album released on Dining Out Records (TUX 25) in 1982 to high resolution 24-bit flac audio.

A1 Sense
A2 Acception
A3 On The Inside
A4 At The End Of The Day
B1 Ideals
B2 Progression
B3 Moving The Mountains
B4 Living For Now
B5 Talking Heads

Out of Groby near Leicester came new wave band New Age. Now, Leicester has never been known as a hotbed of musical talent (I am thinking Showaddywaddy & Kasabian do not qualify as musical talent.) One indie label S+T picked up the young local worthy indie acts and were to release the debut by New Age, how got a better deal with Dave Henderson's Dining Out label. The scratchy indie rock of Jane Fonda is a lost gem, the EP tracks show a subtle change in direction towards synthpop, however it is the album where they eventually found their feet. There was just one Peel session in 1982, comprising versions of album tracks. I keep thinking of Norwich's Higsons as any kind of comparison. They don't sound like Talking Heads! Thanks to Steve for the rips

Pleasurable Pastimes

Victims Of Pleasure - When You're Young
Ripped from a 7" vinyl single released on P.A.M Ltd Records (VOP 1) in 1980 to high resolution 24-bit flac. I was going to mention Virginia Astley during my recent Anna Domino and Paul Haig posts, however I'll keep clear of her cute sentimental tweeness and share her first assignment as keyboard player in Clapham power-pop quartet Victims Of Pleasure. 

A When You're Young
B1 If I Was
B2 Sporting Pastimes

Therapy Anybody?

The Lines - Therapy
Originally released as a vinyl album on Fresh Records (FRESH LP7) in 1981. Recreated here from lossless digital files in flac audio. We had the punk debut Cool Snap! a few years ago, here is the remarkable follow-up Therapy. I have had this file prepared for a while now and thought some may need a little Therapy after the November Group album. Enjoy!

A1 Come Home
A2 Blow A Kiss
A3 Instincticide
A4 Disenchanted
A5 Bucket Brigade
B1 The Landing
B2 The Gate
B3 Have A Heart
B4 No Hiding

End Of November

November Group - Work That Dream
Ripped from a vinyl album released on A&M records (SP 12512) in 1985 to high resolution 24-bit flac audio. Here is the second mini-album from US East Coast pop hopefuls, November Group. To say this is a step away from the groundwork of the debut would be an understatement. Work That Dream talks a big stab into synthpop territory of ZTT (who could do no wrong in the eyes of many at the time) and their German pop stars Propoganda. It is frighteningly over-produced but that's what the mid-eighties were all about. It is safe to say November Group were never seen of heard of again.

A1 Volker
A2 Work That Dream
A3 Put Your Back To It
B1 The Promise
B2 Arrows Up To Heaven
B3 Careful (A Life Is A Fragile Thing)

Everything Has Gone Green

Various Artists - Different Colours, Different Shades
Ripped from a compact disc album released on London Records/Factory Too Records (FACD 2.40) in 1997 to high quality lossless flac audio. 

1   Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Electricity
2   A Certain Ratio - All Night Party
3   The Distractions - Time Goes By So Slow
4   Crawling Chaos - Sex Machine
5   The Names - Night Shift
6   Joy Division - Decades
7   Stockholm Monsters - Fairy Tales
8   New Order - Everything's Gone Green
9   Cabaret Voltaire - Yashar
10 Kalima - The Smiling Hour
11 Red Turns To - Deep Sleep
12 Quando Quango - Bad Blood
13 Karl Denver - Wimoweh
14 Happy Mondays - Donovan
15 The Durutti Column - Love No More

Lost And Lonely Souls

The Wake - Harmony
Ripped from a vinyl album released on Factory Records (FACT 60) in 1982 to high resolution 24-bit flac audio. The melancholic debut by The Wake will always be a personal favourite as it evokes great memories of my youth discovering new and different music, plus I always preferred the sad songs. I am certainly not a down type of person but Caeser's voice seems to be such a gentile and unique fit to these sombre yet tender moments. Testament and An Immaculate Conception remain two of the finest tracks recorded on to a Factory Record. 

A1 Judas
A2 Testament
A3 Patrol
A4 The Old Men
B1 Favour
B2 Heartburn
B3 An Immaculate Conception

Domino Effect

Anna Domino -Favourite Songs From The Twilight Years
Ripped from a compact disc album released on Janken Pon Records (RPS 000) in 1996 to high quality lossless flac. I have always considered Anna to be one of those artists, alongside Paul Haig and Alan Rankine, who quietly went about doing there own thing, becoming experts in their trade with minimal mainstream recognition. This nineties Canadian compilation rounds up a few tracks from the Crepescule years between 1984 and 1990 and features re-recorded versions of personal favourites Tempting and Summer. Those who passed by Anna's work should take time to discover some of her classic albums which were rereleased over the years on LTM.

1 Home
2 Tyranny
3 Koo-Koo
4 This Time
5 Paris
6 Tempting
7 Dust
8 ‘Rythm’
9 Summer
10 Half Of Myself
11 Luck
12 88
13 Dreamback
14 Lake

Paul Haig Day

Paul Haig - Heaven Sent
Ripped from a 12" vinyl single released on Les Disques du Crepescule/Island Records (12 IS 111) in 1983 to high resolution 24-bit flac audio.

A1 Heaven Sent
B1 Running Away / Back Home

Who Are Be Music / ROL Eighty-Four
Ripped from a white label 12" vinyl single released on Island Records (12 IS 198) in 1984 to high resolution 24-bit flac audio. Both sides included just in case anybody whinges again.

A1 The Only Truth
AA The Only Truth

Paul Haig - Heaven Help You Now
Ripped from a 12" vinyl single released on Operation Afterglow (12 OPA 002) in 1985 to high resolution 24-bit flac audio.

A1 Heaven Help You Now
B1 World Raw
B2 Heaven Help You Now
B3 Chance

Bloggers of old will remember Paul Haig Day. This was when music blog writers were encouraged to rip and post Paul's music. We haven't had one for a while so here is my Paul Haig Day as a healthy alternative to all the Black Friday bullshit filling our inboxes, televisions and retailers. The white label was a crude attempt by Island Records to interest record shops and DJs in the forthcoming release by Paul recorded with Bernard Sumner and Donald Johnson. To this day, I still think this record sounds like three great musicians locked in a studio trying to turn out a pop song rather than a great pop song, on the other hand, Heaven Help You Know is just a truly great pop song.

Love Was...

Troy Tate - Love Is...
Ripped from a 12" vinyl single released on Rough Trade Records (RTT 134) in 1983 to high resolution 24-bit flac audio. Troy is probably more famous for his much bootlegged early production work with The Smiths, and brief guitar work with The Teardrop Explodes and Fashion, than as a solo artist in his own right. He released two albums and a few singles between 1981 and 1985 which mixed synthpop and rock efficiently, sounding quite similar to the work of Alan Rankine and Paul Haig. For penguinflight.

A1 Love Is... (Dance Mix)
B1 Love Is...
B2 I'm Mad
B3 Lifeline

Sounds Familiar

Gammer And His Familiar -Rocket Ticket
Ripped from a vinyl album released on Gammer/Ellie Jay Records (GAMMER 4) in 1981 to high resolution 24-bit flac audio.

A1 Before The Break
A2 Put Me In The Ad On TV
A3 Rocket Ticket
A4 Too Much Too Soon
A5 Market Place
B1 Cars And My Relations
B2 Ghosts Won't Get In The Way
B3 You're A Screwball
B4 Then We Can Dry Each Other's Eyes
B5 Motorbike Motorway

Gammer And His Famliars - Won't Look Out...
Ripped from a vinyl album released on Gammer/Ellie Jay Records in 1981 to high resolution 24-bit flac audio

A1 Crazy Jane
A2 You're A Screwball
A3 San Diego
A4 No Room In My Head
A5 Waiting Rooms
B1 Pull Out The Pin
B2 Fingers
B3 A Very Angry Clown
B4 Market Place
B5 Summer's Over

These two albums have been on the back burner for quite a while waiting for an opportune moment for posting. Last week's Jo Lemaire post featured the eclectic delights of Vini Reilly's guitar, and Vini was a Famliar too! Both records were recorded over a number of sessions at Graveyard Studios between 1979 and 1981 and the self released by beat-poet Norman Gammer. Among his Familiars were Vini, Richard Darbyshire (from Living In a Box) and a drummer called Basher! 
The music is in a variety of styles from disco through to prog rock, all fronted by Norman Gammer's lyrical wit. These albums won't be to everybody's taste by well worthy of a listen especially if a fan of The Durutti Column. Thank you to Adam for the rips.

So Seemingly....

Duet Emmo - Or So It Seems
Ripped from a compact disc album released on Mute Records (CD STUMM 11) in 1992 to high quality lossless flac audio.

1 Hill Of Men
2 Or So It Seems
3 Friano
4 The First Person
5 A.N.C.
6 Long Sledge
7 Gatemmo
8 Last's Card
9 Heart Of Hearts

Too Crazy....

Thick Pigeon - Too Crazy Cowboys
Ripped from a vinyl album released on Factory Records (FACT 85) in 1984 to high quality lossless flac audio. A repost from my monster Factory Records postings of a few years back - December 2013 to be precise. Carter Burwell makes a decent living these days writing film scores, Miranda hasn't done anything since, Gillian and Stephen still perform & record occasionally these days as two of the original remaining members of a popular Manchester beat combo. Here lies within one of the finest synthpop covers of Moon River you ever likely hear.

A1 Troglodytes
A2 Sudan
A3 Crime
A4 Help
A5 Fred + Andy
B1 Misuse
B2 Nuns + Soldiers
B4 Babcock + Wilcox
B5 Jess + Bart
B6 Hank

Where The Grass Never Grows

He Said - Hail
Ripped from a compact disc album released on Mute Records (CD STUMM 29) in 1986 to high quality lossless flac audio. It was a toss up between the Duet Emmo CD album and this for the next post. The Duet Emmo album actually won, but it has been a difficult few days here at ESWA Towers and I just wanted to listen to Pump again as it is one of the most chilled tracks you could possibly ever need. So let's just chill.

1 Pump
2 Shapes To Escape
3 Kidnap Yourself
4 I Fall Into Your Arms
5 Only One I
6 Com'era Dov'era
7 Flagwearing
8 Do You Mean That?
9 Pump (Inst)
10 Pulling 3gs
11 Pale Feet
12 Only One i · II
13 To & Fro

Seemingly So

Duet Emmo - Or So It Seems
Ripped from a 12" vinyl single released on Mute Records (MUTE 025) in 1983 to high resolution 24-bit lossless flac audio. Now I know I haven't sounded overly keen on the solo works of members of Wire, except for Colin of course. Messrs Lewis and Gilbert were prolific in many guises, but I don't think that it was until Duet Emmo that they found their best work, ...with a lot of help from Daniel Miller of course. Technically, these two lengthy pieces are the same song but in two formats, one slow and painful melancholy (in a good way) whilst the other whilst wrapped in linn drum percussion is dreamy and atmospheric in its own right. Nice stuff!

A1 Or So It Seems
B1 Heart Of Hearts (Or So It Seems)


Mainframe - Tenants Of The Lattice-Work
Ripped from a vinyl album released on Mc² Records ‎(MC 007) in 1983 to high resolution 24-bit flac audio. To end today's rush of synth-wavey goodness, here is the classic (and very rare) album from Hemel Hempstead, Hertfordshire computer geeks Mainframe. Best known for their pop-dance hit 5 Minutes, it was really their album which stands out as their legacy work, though the limited sales weren't as fruitful as the aforementioned single. 
In essence the album works as a concept piece - that should be enough to scare away a few of you, but fear not, this is actually good, serving as a pre-cursor to other talented synthesized indie popsters like Sudden Sway and Jesus Couldn't Drum. The concept seems to revolve a round a competition or quest involving the music and lyrics and a video (which required an additional purchase). Those keen to enter had to complete and return the inserted pamphlet which reminds me of an old exam paper. Its all a bit silly and I doubt many would have attempted entry. Thankfully the record is really good, composed with Moogs and good old Roland Junos. The drum machine was programmed on an old Apple II computer which must have been quite advanced in 1983!
The track names are not listed on the album, so I have used the titles as listed on the band's website. There are only 7 or 8 songs proper, with many short intermittent pieces which clearly were supposed to be used a clues in the competition. There are a couple of tiny skips on my copy, most of which have been edited out for quality purposes, so apologies in advance if I missed any, they should all just add to the authenticity of the vinyl experience. Enjoy.

A1 Login, Please
A2 Start The New Day
A3 Take The Road
A4 Home Early
A5 One Last Word
A6 Machine Beside Machine
A7 Disoriented
A8 The Lattice
B1 Breakfast Transmission
B2 Beyond All Reach
B3 Intermission
B4 Preparing To Go
B5 Strange Sequence
B6 Let Me Go!
B7 The Key
B8 Final Clues

Synthetic Objects

Ghostwriters - Objects In Mirrors Are Closer Than They Appear
Ripped from a vinyl album released in 1981 on Red Music (001 ZERO 1) to high resolution 24-bit flac audio. After a request from a blog donator, here is what I think is a worthy re-post of this very rare record.
The sleeve of this obscure 1981 Dutch release just gives the wrong impression. You would be easily mistaken if you judged the contents by the cover - this is not a collection of eighties MOR pop. Followers of fine American experimental synthesized music will likely have heard of Philadelphia's Charles Cohen - most of the rest of us will have not. Cohen alongside long time collaborator Jeff Cain were, for a very short period of time, Ghostwriters.
This album is very European in feel, Ghostwriters are more Kraftwerk than Suicide, more Throbbing Gristle than The Residents, more Vice Versa than John Bender. Cohen and Cain take us on multi-layered minimalist synth journey through a variety of styles, most tracks are purely instrumental - the delightful Swizzle is the major standout. Tarpit is a clever dub-style effect laden waltz, the opener Sleedermauseman is a minimal take on the German Batman. Fix It In The Mix gives a huge nod to early Sheffield acts The Human League, Cabaret Voltaire and Vice Versa.
I would guess the very limited pressing run now makes this a rarity in the synth-pop world, and Ghostwriters are surely now prime for a re-release to feed the new generations's appetite for formative analog synth music. There was also an earlier 12" single, Music From No Mans Land and a cassette album Remote Dreaming.

A1 Sleedermauseman/Reference To Rota
A2 Emotional Momentum
A3 Swizzle
B1 Fix It In The Mix
B2 Moon Chant
B3 Quirk And Quailes
B4 On/Off
B5 Tarpit

Trance Music

Trance - Dystopia
Ripped from a vinyl album released on Trance Records (66 21829) to high resolution 24-bit flac audio.Trance were a German experimental act who escaped the krautrock tag, but clearly on this their debut album, you can hear elements of Popol Vuh, Tangerine Dream, Cluster and a bit of the mellow side of Faust. Don't let that put non-believers off because this may have the influences of synthwave in flares, but in reality this is a bit different. Hypnopaedia and Soma are more Throbbing Gristle and early CV than the pomp of early seventies Germanic keyboard gymnastics, but you still get plenty of space rock melodramatics scattered around the peripherals. Not the best cover in the world, but this album is well worth the listen. Thanks to Steve for the rip of what is quite a rare record.

A1 Sunrise
A2 Conditioning
A3 Matriculator
A4 Hypnopaedia
B1 Solidarity Hymn
B2 Romeo & Juliet
B3 Soma
B4 Park Lane Hospital

Disco Death

Arbeid Adelt! - Disco Death
Ripped from a 12" vinyl single released on Play It Again Sam Records (BAA 1) in 1987 to high quality lossless flac audio. Back to Belgium and Arbeid Death! Flemish language new wave was never going to generate much interest outside Flanders, however one particular track, Death Disco from an obscure 1983 7" single b-side did. The original version is some fine minimal synth dance which could even be described as early house music. PIAS remixed and expanded it into an overly long 10 minute 12" single in 1987, but thankfully kept the original in the flipside. The remainder of the band's back catelogue should be approached carefully. That's all I am saying on the matter.

A1 Disco Death
B1 Help (Me Ik Stik) (Instrumental)
B2 Death Disco

Hard Core

Hard Corps - Metal & Flesh
Ripped from a compact disc album released on Concrete Productions (CPROD CD 011) in 1990 to high quality lossless flac audio. In theory Hard Corps never released an album proper at their peak as Metal & Flesh was finally released on 400 Blows' Concrete Productions label some four years after they split. Most of this album was recorded between 1984 and 1986 assisted by Martin Rushent. Still, this is a fine artifact detailing the best work by this innovative British/French synthwave act. For penguinflight.

1 Des Hommes
2 Respirer
3 For Pleasure
4 Porte Bonheur
5 Dirty
6 Tu Te Trompes
7 The Bell
8 Porte Bonheur (Remix)
9 Desolation Land
10 Je Suis Passee
11 Metal & Flesh

Product Inc

Kas Product - Try Out
Ripped from a vinyl album released on RCA Records (RCALP 3102) in 1982 to high resolution 24-bit flac audio.

A1 One Of The Kind
A2 Man Of Time
A3 No Shame
A4 Countdown
A5 Never Come Back
A6 Underground Movie
B1 So Young But So Cold
B2 Digging In A Hole
B3 Sober
B4 Breakloose
B5 Pussy X

Kas Product - By Pass
Ripped from a vinyl album released on RCA Records (RCALP 6079) in 1983 to high resolution 24-bit flac audio.

A1 Loony-Bin
A2 Seldom, Often
A3 Smooth Down
A4 Mingled & Tangled
A5 Tina Town
B1 T.M.T.
B2 Devil Fellow
B3 W-Infatuation
B4 Taking Shape
B5 Tape

I've featured Kas Product before, but now with thanks to Steve we can present some superb quality vinyl rips from his collection rather than the cds. French duo Mona and Spatz recorded two great albums after a rush of early synth-punk singles combining influences such as Suicide and the new wave of British synth bands such as The Human League and Soft Cell. After a break of a few years they returned in 1986 with Ego Eye for the French market, but by then the end was in sight and they were virtually gone before the year was out. Interest was rekindled in 2005 with a French reissue campaign on Les Disques Du Soleil Et De L'Acier.


November Group - November Group
Ripped from a vinyl mini album released on Food For Thought Records (MGRUB 2) in 1982 to high resolution 24-bit flac. Time to briefly pop across the pond to Boston MA for the debut by November Group, who were clearly influenced by European synthwave. We Dance should have been remixed for a single and perhaps they would have had a new wave dance hit. They only managed a couple of singles in the end and eventually released a second, more commercial album on A&M ....which may well follow soon!

A1 Shake It Off
A2 Flatland
A3 Pictures Of The Homeland
B1 We Dance
B2 The Popular Front

By Chance

By Chance - Soul Kitchen
Ripped from a 7" vinyl single released on Crammed Discs (CRAM 5457) in 1981 to high quality lossless flac audio. Here is the one off single by Belgian post-punk super group By Chance who comprised Michael from The Names, two members of Flouze plus the prolific Marc Hollander who was once a Honeymoon Killer. Soul Kitchen is slap bass funk driven new wave, whilst Revenge has a dreamy melancholic feel. It would be nice there was more By Chance, however I think this is our lot.

A1 Soul Kitchen
B1 Revenge

Auto Matic

T.C. Matic - T.C. Matic
Originally released as a vinyl album on Statik Records (STAT LP 05) in 1981. Recreated here from high quality lossless digital flac audio files. One Benelux post-punk act who did cross the channel and build a UK following were the energetic T.C. Matic, likely helped by a support slot to Simple Minds - the darkwave synth beat of With You does have an early Simple Minds feel about it, One of the original acts on Belgium's important Parsley label, it was Statik who picked them up for British distribution. They quickly moved onto EMI Records who strangely decided not to promote them further in the UK. Great stuff!

A1 Bye Bye Till The Next Time
A2 L'Union Fait La Force
A3 With You
A4 Stop Rock
A5 The Parrot Brigade
B1 I'm Not Like That
B2 Give Them A Leader
B3 Viva Boema
B4 O La La La
B5 Pitie Pour Lui

Stockhausen Sound

Sammie America's MAM - Sammie America's MAM
Ripped from a vinyl alum released on Wereld Rekord (1A 058-1270161) in 1983 to high resolution 24-bit flac audio. Maybe it was lost somewhere in the translation, but the name Sammie America's MAM would never have the ring of a post-punk synthwave band, more likely a crass American hair rock band. This is a great album verging on dark post-punk and new wave, but leaning ever so slightly towards synthpop - the mix works and the end result is a band who would have had much greater success outside their home Dutch market, possibly on US college radio, had they chosen a different name. Sammie America eventually moved on and they become just plain old MAM. For Rob.

A1 Pulled To The Earth
A2 You're The Other Side
A3 Life Is Life
A4 Your World Far World
A5 Find A Form
B1 It Is Not
B2 The Stockhausen Sound
B3 It's Slipping Away
B4 Wat Is Dit.

Pigmy World

Jo Lemaire + Flouze - Pigmy World
Ripped from a vinyl album released on Vertigo Records (6468 066) in 1981 to high resolution 24-bit flac audio. A lost classic? Pigmy World is one of those albums which hooks you in and keeps the listener entertained from beginning to end. Now then, I am biased because of my appreciation of one the world's greatest living guitarists, Vini Reilly, whose signature guitar (and some piano) is very evident throughout. Essentially this is a synthpop album and by that I mean very good synthpop. Yes in places Vini's contribution confuse you into thinking of Durutti Column, however there is enough going on throughout to keep everybody pleased. Satellites sounds very much like a lost Soul Mining track, however you quickly realise Jo and chums recorded it well before Matt Johnson wrote pop songs. Jo ensures her French language roots are honoured with her cover of Gainsbourg's Je Suis Venue Te Dire Que Je M'en Vais which stands out with synthpop charm. Voices In The Silence and Escape are LC-era Durutti Column with I guess Vini contributing guitar and piano. To close the whole thing we get the latino big band sound of Claustrophobia. Enjoy! There is a certain smart chap in Norfolk who needs to track down Jo and the masters then get this out on cd for everybody to discover. Are you reading this, James?  

A1 Shades Of Night
A2 Je Suis Venue Te Dire Que Je M'en Vais
A3 Satellites
A4 Siamese Sister
A5 Chameleon
B1 Voices In The Silence
B2 Inner Void
B3 Escape
B4 Outside The Hole
B5 Claustrophobia

From Mancunian Friends

Various Artists - Too Young To Know, Too Wild Care
Ripped from a compact disc compilation released on Factory Too/London Records (828 7002) in 1997 to high quality lossless flac audio. I know, I know, all these tracks have likely featured here at some point, and most of you will not need this compilation, but what the hell, it's my blog and I can do as I like! ;-)
The Railway Children have recently reformed and are playing the famous 100 Club in London tonight supported by ACR's Jez Kerr (with Pete Terrell on guitar) , so if anybody needs a good gig night out in London, they now know where they need to be. Plug over. Enjoy!

1  Joy Division - New Dawn Fades
2  The Durutti Column - For Belgian Friends
3  A Certain Ratio - And Then Again
4  New Order - Age Of Consent
5  The Wake - Talk About The Past
6  The Railway Children - Brighter
7  James - Hymn From A Village
8  Abercedarians - Smiling Monarchs
9  Marcel King - Reach Out For Love
10 Section 25 - Looking From A Hilltop
11 Quando Quango - Genius
12 Happy Mondays  - WFL (Think About The Future Mix)
13 Northside - My Rising Star
14 Cath Carroll - Moves Like You
15 Electronic - Getting Away With It

From Belgian Friends

Lavvi Ebbel - Out Of The Blue
Ripped from a 7" vinyl single released on LE Records (LE 0001) in 1981 to high resolution 24-bit flac audio.

A1 Out Of The Blue
B1 Give Me A Gun

Lavvi Ebbel - On The Telephone
Ripped from a 7" vinyl single released on Vogue Records (VB 656) in 1981 to high resolution 24-bit flac audio.

A1 On The Telephone 3:39
B1 Desire

Lavvi Ebbel - Albü Meth
Ripped from a vinyl mini-album released on Polydor Records (2426 042) in 1982 to high resolution 24-bit flac audio.

A1 Victoria
A2 Much A Do About Nothing
B1 Le Cafard
B2 Give Me A Gun (Remix)
B3 Stand Up And Fight

Lavvi Ebbel - Kiss Me Kate
Ripped from a vinyl album released on Les Disques Du Crepescule (TWI 172) in 1983 to high resolution 24-bit flac audio.

A1 Ouspenski
A2 Kiss Me Kate
A3 Coffee Koffie
A4 Suffering
B1 !Telepatia!
B2 Full Moon
B3 Running
B4 Home Is Where The Heart Is

Following on heels of the recent Marine single and Allez Allez album posts a few months back come most of the back catalogue from Belgian post-punksters Lavvi Ebbel. After the first two singles the band changed direction from new wave to pop-funk, crossing over into the territory of Talking Heads, Pigbag etc etc. The Benelux hit Victoria which features here on the Albü Meth album, broke them outside Belgium when Polydor signed the band for a one single/one album deal in Holland. Shortly after, Lavvi Ebbel retreated to the comfort of Les Disques Du Crepescule for the funky ¿Telepatia? ¡Telepatia! single which features here on the Kiss Me Kate album. Apologies for the fuzz and skip on A4/B4 which is due to a stubborn vinyl flaw. 
Another one of those great Benelux bands who deserve to be heard by a wider audience who appreciate how post-punk bands evolved not just in the UK, but across Europe in the early eighties. For Rob.

From Italian Friends

Various Artists - The Greetings Compact
Ripped from a compact disc album released on Materiali Sonori Records (MASO CD 9001) in 1993 to high quality lossless flac audio. I have featured a couple of the 1980's Greetings 12" EPs in the past. The Italian label responsible also released a couple of compilation CD a few years later. These artists all played the Greetings Festival in the label's home town of San Giovanni Valdarno. Some of the tracks were different recordings than those on regular releases, and some like ACR's The Runner and Stockholm Monsters' Dumbstruck were unavailable anywhere else.

1  Durutti Column - For Friends In Italy
2  Durutti Column - Florence Sunset
3  Cudu' With Christian Burchard - Waterplay
4  Blaine L. Reininger - Bismallah
5  Mary Kelley - (It'll Be) Alright
6  Mary Kelley - Goodbye Cruel World
7  Stockholm Monsters - Dumbstruck
8  Stockholm Monsters - Militia
9  A Certain Ratio - The Runner
10 A Certain Ratio - Inside


Section 8 - Looking From A Hilltop
Ripped from the a-side of a 12" vinyl single released on Shit Is Dope Records (SID 10015/12) in 2002 to high resolution 24-bit flac audio. Anybody who has seen Section 25 live recently will realise that Blackpool's finest now adhere closer to this splendid German techno-throb monster cover version than the original eighties masterpiece. Thanks to Steve for the rip.

A1 Looking From A Hilltop

Starship Troopers

Nostromo - Alien
Ripped from a 12" vinyl white label released on Bronze Records (12 BRO 80) in 1979 to high resolution 24-bit flac audio. Oh such fun! As found in a recent box of delights from blog friend penguinflight, here's some splendid movie-themed ital-electro-disco from unknown quantity Nostromo. Don those silver lamé space suits folks and get on down.

A1 Alien
B1 Around The World In 80 Seconds

Abbo Daboo Doo

Portion Control - Hit The Pulse
Ripped from a vinyl mini-album released on In Phaze Records (EZ 2) in 1983 to high resolution 24-bit flac audio. We have covered this album before but never in this quality. Hit The Pulse marked Portion Control's move from complex tape loop and electronic experimentation into more accessible, almost danceable electronic grooves. Their next releases were to be on the important Illuminated Records label and reflected a hardening to their sound, however this transitional album deserves to be recognised as one of their best. For penguinflight.

A1 Chew You To Bits (Version)
A2 Discord
B1 Crash Weight Gain
B2 Eat Your Heart
B3 Trust Angle
B4 Death By Venom (Ricochet Mix)
B5 Abbo Dabbo

Obtuse Rythms

S/Z -S/Z
Ripped from a 12" vinyl EP released on East Jazz Records (SZ 001) in 1983 to high resolution 24-bit flac audio. 

A1 Harmonics
A2 This Ring
A3 Acute Rythym
A4 Organ Service
A5 Permutation
B1 Old Black Russian
B2 Feeling And Must
B3 Two
B4 Artape Good Bait

Last Few Days & S/Z - Ritual Magnetic North
Ripped from a 7" vinyl single released on Touch (T5.45) in 1985 to high resolution 24-bit flac audio. 

A1 Last Few Days - Too Much Is Not Enough
B1 S/Z - Terrified Of Soap

Courtesy of blog follower Vincent comes these two quite rare vinyl artifacts. S/Z were a British electronic outfit with a clear early Cabaret Voltaire influence. Little is known about them except that some tracks were also on feature on the Touch cassette label compilation. S/Z took their name from the book S/Z by Roland Barthes and his structural study of Sarrasine, which was coincidentally the title of a band distributed cd a few years ago. I may sound like an authority on the topic, however I assure you I am not.
Also in the archive is the shared single with industrial combo Last Few Days who had connections to 23 Skidoo and Laibach. This is great stuff. Enjoy!